Homemade Soya Bean Milk (自制豆浆)

Sharing below is the recipe I adopted from 多多開伙 for my trial.


  1. 2 rice cups soya beans (about 240g)
  2. caster sugar (according to your preference)
  3. water (moderate)

Left: Preparing to soak the beans.      Right: After soaking overnight.


  1. Soak soya beans in water overnight for about 8 hours. Ensure the water cover the beans.
  2. The next day, blend the soaked soya beans with enough water to cover the beans using juice mixer. The mixture is ready once the beans have been finely grinded.
  3. Use a cloth coffee strainer to filter the raw soya bean milk into a large pot/sauce pan. Do another round of filtering using a fine strainer if necessary.
  4. Place the raw mixture on the stove and cook it over medium heat. Stir constantly to prevent burning.
  5. Just before removing the boiled soya bean milk from stove, add in sugar according to your preference. Stir to dissolve the sugar.
  6. Leave it to cool before refrigerate, can be serve warm or cold.


  1.  Raw soya bean milk must be boiled before consumption to prevent food poisoning.
  2.  Remember to keep stirring to prevent mixture from getting burned.

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